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When to list?

Each year as the holidays approach, my clients planning to sell often ask: should we go on the market now or wait until the Spring?  While each situation (and property) is unique and should be considered independently, conventional wisdom used to be: don't even try to sell your home during the busy holiday season. The thought was that potential home buyers were too precoccupied. Frankly, I don't think that's relevant anymore. It may be true that few 'new' buyers enter the market in December, but those who have already been looking don't simply stop because of the season. New listings are immediately emailed to buyers and further, a good realtor who really understands the needs of her buyer, will constantly be on the hunt for the right property. Those buyers will be excited to see a great new listing hit the market - especially if there's a lack of good inventory.


Granted, keeping your home sparkling clean, holding open houses and accommodating showings during the holidays is a major hassle for some would-be sellers. If so, consider listing your property in January - traditionally a time when few properties come on the market. And yet, each January I am contacted by potential buyers ready and excited to get going.


Ultimately, demand for homes can be strong at a time when inventory is traditionally low. And that means if you're ready to sell, you have a wonderful opportunity during the more the unconventional times of the year!